Decisiones: Luis Fridman fundador de Referee Pro ( 4 / 10)

Parte 4 / 10 del documental "DECISIONES" de BlueBox. – Luis Fridman: Fundador de Referee Pro

Posted by BlueBox on martes, 22 de agosto de 2017

The First DRSS (Digital Referee Signal System)

Referee Pro has been designed with the aid of top FIFA referees to make their job EASIER both in and out of the field.

The only DRSS to be designed, tested and executed by professionals.

Why Referee Pro?

Why Referee Pro?

Final Match Reports

Your Final Match Report is automatically generated by Referee Pro. No more secretarial work. Leave that to us!

Easy To Use

Developed with the aid of top FIFA referees. If it works for them, it works for all!

Save Money

Save time and pain at processing your match stats and data.

It's Social!

Engage with teams and players by sharing your decisions on the Web in Real Time! *You´ll also get stats of your own performance. *Coming up soon.